Kelly Osbourne and her manicure

In 2012, Kelly Osbourne appeared with a manicure which cost $250 thousand. Her fingers were adorned with diamond-coated varnish.

Kelly Osbourne

Then she was criticized that it is stupid to overspend when the country is in crisis. Kelly even apologized in the social network.

A year later, the singer made the manicure which cost a million dollars. She immediately explained the motivation of this action: “If this little bottle goes to an auction, money will be given to my mother’s Fund which fights against colon cancer».

 Jennifer Lopez loves white color

Jennifer Lopez lives only in completely white hotel rooms with white furniture, wallpapers, linens, and interior elements.

Jennifer Lopez

All the rooms, in which the actress will live, must be supplied with white lilies and roses. Flowers should be changed three times a day. Lopez is always accompanied by a numerous retinue. Even her eyebrows has two special beauticians – one for each eyebrow.