It is not a secret that sometimes celebrities lose touch with reality. Let’s take a look at the most unusual and expensive caprices of celebrities.

Justin Bieber and his ball

Let’s start with Justin Bieber, which, once in Italy, booked a private tour around the Sistine Chapel, paying 20 thousand euros.

Justin Bieber

Locals were offended with the behavior of Canadian singer, he was holding a soccer ball during the sightseeing. According to eyewitnesses, Bieber even played the ball in the walls of the chapel. As a result, the Italians left some wishes on his pages in social networks, they asked him never return to their country.

Jennifer Aniston in Vatican

Demonstration of Bieber’s lack of education made everyone forget about the contempt of the dress code of the Vatican, which was showed by Jennifer Aniston two years ago.

Jennifer Aniston

The actress went on a tour (not private) in a dress, which was a little above the knees. The whole image of the singer was obscene for such a place. The actress went on a trip to the Vatican in a grey mini dress with bare shoulders and neck, from under which the underwear was perfectly peeped.

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