7 Ways to Feel Happy

happy girl

Imagine: one second and your ordinary life will change forever! Really, it will be enough to make your being better and happier.

Don’t believe us?

Then just take all your courage and try to make at least one step of the following and see for yourself.

1. Smile widely

ways to be happy

This is indeed the easiest way to improve your life and to make it happier. One smile can help you to feel better right now. And it can be contagious. – When you are smiling, usually people are smiling in return.

 2. Take a deep breath

deep breath

Deep breath is one of the best methods to reduce any stress and to bring balance into your daily routine. And it will take you just a second. Every day take a short time and try to focus only on your breathing. You will feel like your life becomes less stressful.

 3. Turn off your mobile phone

turn-off mobile

We live among people who are constantly watching on the screens of smartphones, computers, tablets, TVs and other technical devices. Turn off all your gadgets (it will take maybe a little more than a second) and stay alone. You’ll be surprised at what you see.

 4. Take a look around


Really our life passes-by so quickly that we often do not have enough time for beautiful environment. Spend just some seconds to go to the window and look at the autumn garden, rise your head up and look into the depth of the sky, if you are on the street.

 5. Take a sip of fresh water

fresh water

Of course, it is not a discovery that water has a pleasant effect on our body. Try to keep a bottle of water near you, and drink as often as possible. This, without any doubts, will help you to restore water balance and normalize weight, cleanse the kidneys and maintains the beauty of the skin.

 6. Say “Thank you”

thank you

Happy people have one thing in common: they are sincerely grateful for all the good things in their lives. It means tat if you want to improve your life, do not hesitate and say, “Thank you.” It should take you no more than a second, and make happy not only you but also those people around you.

 7. Stretch yourself

stretch at work

The simplest way to feel better – is to start taking care of your body. Take a pair of seconds in order to get a good stretch, stretch and stretch your muscles. We are constantly sitting behind a computer, it means that even a momentary quick exercise will bring you a real benefit.

The wise men for a good reason are sure that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Of course, such “seconds” methods will not solve all your problems, but do not forget that the day consists of 86 400 seconds and it is really up to you to decide how many of them will be used for personal health and happiness.