Where Is the Largest Building In the World Situated

The New Century Global Center

In Chinese province of Sichuan, which is located in southwestern region of China, the local residents as well as the numerous guests from other regions and abroad took part in the official part of opening of the largest building in the whole world.

This construction is considered to be freestanding, it means that it doesn’t have any mutual walls or basement with other premises.

The hard and sophisticated construction of the world’s greatest building took approximately three years.

It is even difficult to imagine that the area of the new complex is so huge! Unbelievable 400, 500 and 100 meters high (width, length and height) .The total area of the mega-building is reached 1.76 million square meters. This construction is officially called The New Century Global Center.

The New Century Global Center

Nowadays the building includes numerous offices, some shopping centers with a total area of 400 thousand square meters, a sitting area organized in the Mediterranean style, a terrific 14-screen IMAX cinema for film-lovers, and a great ice rink that in future will host international competitions in figure skating and a playing zone for small visitors, who are always active.