Top 9 Ways to Become a Polyglot


Some people think that there is a special gene that allows you at any circumstances to learn several foreign languages during life. Actually knowledge of five or eight foreign languages is really not a special gift. And to achieve it you don’t even need to work hard.

1. Remember separate words and phrases

In a case you are trying to learn something new perfectly, you need to memorize as much new words and phrases as you can. Some people are sure that they have a rather poor memory for foreign vocabulary and in some time give up their learning. But here’s the main point: you don’t necessary need to learn by heart all the language words, of course.

Find out the frequently used ones and remember them at first.

learning languages

2. Discover the related words

You’ll be surprised when you discover how many new words and word combinations you’ve already known. Whatever language you may start to learn, remember, that you’ve already known at least a few new words. So it is really impossible to start your learning from very beginning.

3. Traveling isn’t so important

Believe, in the air of another country, there’s nothing that would make you suddenly start speaking a foreign language.

If you need to dive into a foreign language, it isn’t necessary to buy a plane ticket – you can do it online.

For example, you can read the news, sites and blogs in that language.


4. What about Skype?

You will need a little time to learn basic words and to repeat what you’ve already known. And then immediately try to find any possibility to communicate with native speakers, and start talking to them.

For the first dialogue you will not need a plenty of words, and if you start talking at once after they have been learned, you’ll understand the gaps in your vocabulary at the same time.

Discover and memorize the missing phrases.