The Beauty Products Kylie Jenner Obsesses Over

Kylie Jenner make up

Kylie Jenner is certainly an innovator in the world of fashion and make-up. Many people want to look like her.

According to the elder sister, Kim, Kylie prefers MAC Cosmetics, makeup pencils and lip shades SOAR, STRIPDOWN and SPICE.

Kylie Jenner make up

Kylie does not use lipstick or gloss. She only creates the contour with the help of lip pencil and fills it.

Kylie’s makeup takes about 15 minutes. It looks very natural.

Personal girl’s makeup artists say, that it is not too hard to make a similar make-up.

If we talk about Kylie’s lips, this effect is achieved by using a pencil and lip balm.

Kylie Jenner make up

Facial skin also needs care. Kylie’s make up artist believes, that the most important thing in this business is the preparation, which is the key to the radiant skin.

“We start with a light moisturizer, then the basics. I try to put as little of powder as possible, so skin looks so great” – says makeup artist.

As you can see the secret of Kylie’s beauty is simple. But we must remember that the abuse of cosmetics does not always lead to a good result.

Kim Kardashian’s younger sister, Kylie Jenner, decided to go beyond her own line of hair care products, under the brand name Bellami, 17-year-old reality TV model has decided to devote more time to her passion – beauty industry.

Kylie Jenner make up

Kylie has significant knowledge about make up and beauty industry in common. She loves false hair and eyelashes, she knows how to create the effect of plump lips, so the youngest Kardashian-Jenner shows good ability to the profession of make-up artist, but Kylie decided to share her beauty secrets on her own website about beauty –

Jenner’s sisters, Kendall and Kylie, presented their own collection “Kendall + Kylie” for Topshop, and also announced the launch of the summer collection called “Bandidas Los Angeles” for the PacSun chain.