The Most Difficult Language in the World

learning a language

Studying any foreign language, you first of all, should not take into account a really great number of famous myths, the very part of which is really mistaken.

For example, often we are said that the language should be studied since early childhood.

Also, there is a false theory that the teacher must necessarily be a native speaker of the dialect you are studying, and that the place for studying should be the country where this language is nowadays thought to be the national one.

how to learn the most difficult language in the world

If you still believe in these so called fairy tales, what can you tell about world famous polyglots? – It is of common knowledge, that usually they are ordinary people who don’t have enough money for traveling much.

But what existing human language is informed to be the most arduous one?

It is estimated that all over our planet there are not less than forty thousand languages and dialects.

Oriental languages belong to the most difficult group. Why? – Because of Arabic script and letters.

learning a language

However, it is really impossible to define for sure what definite language is the most complicated one. There is a plenty of various factors, but according to the specialist’s professional point of view, any speed of your foreign language learning firstly depends on your personal abilities as well as on your natural language. For simple example, if you speak good English, you will learn German easier, than your friend who is speaking Russian.