what to do on first date

Preparing for the date, doesn’t matter if you met each other at the dating sites or on the street, it is important not only to dress smartly (both for men and women) and to do the appropriate makeup (for women), but also to think of at least FIVE interesting themes for your conversation. They will be rather helpful if the awkward silence takes longer than expected.

So, what are the best things to say and to do on the date?


Discuss some facts from mutual (or partner’s) life

If you are a couple, why not to remember the day of your first meetings. Of course, both of you have some lovely and unforgettable memories about your single life.

On the first date the most interesting and the safest topic is about brothers, sisters, friends or even pets. People usually share their feelings about these themes more openly and without any feelings of uneasiness.

what to do on first date

Demonstrate your interest in work or education

Of course, work and education play a very important role in our everyday life, and it correspondingly means that this topic appears sooner or later. Ask a simple question, for example, “Is everything OK at work?” In such a way, you will show your interest in his (or her) everyday activity.

But for the first date, please, be careful. Try to find out any information about your partner’s occupation in advance. – The trouble is that you can unintentionally start to talk about some professions and posts in negative tone, and only after beginning learn that the person is in it. Of course, you will excuse, but your words can be the reason for a quarrel, or the partner will be ashamed of his (her) profession and worry about your attitude.


Talk over the hobbies

This theme will be pleasant for couples as well as for the people on the first date. Discuss mutual or individual interests, life preferences, spare time, favorite music, books, dishes or, for instance, sport. Avoid conversations about politics and money.

first day tips for couple and singles

Share your dreams

It may be everything you like: work promotions and projects, holidays, traveling, etc. Choose a theme, which is interesting and emotional, but at the same time warm and pleasant.

Ask for advice

You see, almost all of us want to play an important role in other person’s life, so when you are asking for any kind of advice, you are really showing that the partner’s point of view is extremely important for your decision.

We have mentioned only the most popular themes. No matter what you choose, one of them or something different, please, remember that the conversation on a date has to be a dialog, not a monologue. i.e. the talking should be interesting and pleasant for both of you. Only in this case it will be successful.