How to Spot Fake Designer Bags

Fashion conscious people are ready to pay a lot for designer handbags for a reason. The reason is perfect quality of designer bags. They are not only well designed, the craftsmanship is also of very high standards.

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7 Ways to Feel Happy

Imagine: one second and your ordinary life will change forever! Really, it will be enough to make your being better and happier. Don’t believe us?

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Top 6 Most Unusual And Expensive Caprices Of Celebrities

It is not a secret that sometimes celebrities lose touch with reality. Let’s take a look at the most unusual and expensive caprices of celebrities.

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9 Types Of Modern People

A recent survey of famous American company, involved in psychological investigation, has shown that there are 9 types of people. Here is a full list of these psycho types:

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How to Spot Fake Designer Bags

prada bag

Fashion conscious people are ready to pay a lot for designer handbags for a reason. The reason is perfect quality of designer bags. They are not only well designed, the craftsmanship is also of very high standards.

And while it’s possible to copy the design, following all the small nuances of quality bag production would be too complex and expensive for those fraudsters manufacturing knock offs.

Therefore the general principles of counterfeit products are poor quality, cheaper work and disregard for details.

Let’s take a closer look at what a designer bag typically looks like.

Stitching. In Prada bags, for instance, we need […] Continue Reading…

Legendary Shoes Of Carrie Bradshaw

print dress from John Galliano

Bet, you know who is Carrie Bradshaw!

Sarah Jessica Parker, who starred as Carrie, loved her character so much, that she decided to give the same name to her first shoes collection.

Let’s remember the most famous models of shoes which appeared on our screens for six seasons and two feature films of “Sex and the City.”

The most recognizable pair of shoes is the blue satin Manolo Blahnik pump with silver buckle. You can see them in the first part of the”Sex and the City» feature film. Carrie Bradshaw finally married the man of her dreams wearing these shoes.

In the Western […] Continue Reading…

Stars You Forgot Were Once Married To Each Other

Madonna, Richard Gere

Many of us used to keep a wary eye on celebrities’ lives: on their successes and failures, movies they starred in, their families. It’s always interesting for people what is going in the celeb world.

For some reasons, we can judge their behavior and decisions or sympathize with them on the other hand. But we all forget that they are just ordinary humans as we are in the behind-the-scenes life. Celebrities can be married for many times what they really often used to do; they can divorce even within a couple of months – but this is their star being, […] Continue Reading…

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