Ladies prefer gel manicure as it is much more practical as well as long-lasting. Your nails look marvelous and glossy all the time until you decide to remove manicure.

healthy nails

Nails get damaged because of the gel formula strength and moreover, while its removal. You have to soak your nails in acetone, file gel away or even scrap it off from the nails.

These processes make your nails thin, fragile and brittle, while your cuticles get sad and dry. Fortunately, there are several tips on how to restore your weak nails after gel manicure.

Hydrating bath for hands

1. Hydrating bath for your hands is the first step of the recovery of your nails. It is better to add glycerin, and two types of oil (sunflower and soy bean) to make it incredibly hydrating.

You can also get a healthy growth of nails making different massages to keep circulation moving. It will improve nutrient flow to the nails and promote a healthy look to your nails and fingers.

2. Filing is your next step. It is better to remove small damages both on the nails and their edges. Then let them rest and avoid usage of other covering materials: the only exceptions are natural lacquers or protective base coats.

healthy nails

They can add minerals and possess restorative properties. You should also take care of cuticles coating them with moisturizing cream.

3. It is better to give your nails a short break and keep them short, as the smallest damage can make the situation worse. Short nails are more resistant and can overcome negative influences.

healthy nails

4. Keratin is very useful for your nails, so you can make keratin treatments occasionally. It will help to prevent dryness and extend life of your nails. One of the simplest ways is to wear keratin gloves, but there are many other ways to restore the nails.

keratin gloves


5. Protection is a key to your success. As nails are weak and damaged they need the highest level of protection. It is better to wear gloves to avoid contact with harsh chemicals.

gloves wash dishes

6. Rich nutrition is one more important feature to take into account recovering your nails. If you wish to have thick and healthy nails, you must understand that their building blocks are in your food. It is advisable to eat products rich in biotin, for example, cauliflower, beans, avocados etc. as well as products rich in Vitamin A and E.

healthy nails

If you experienced all the difficulties of gel manicure removal, it is time to care about your nails as they suffered greatly. Of course, recovering process is rather long-lasting, but it is possible to speed it up using these tips.

healthy nails

Soon you will notice that your nails look better and stronger. There are many quality formulas that help women avoid problems with nails. So do not be afraid to combine them with existing rules and your nails will always be glossy and healthy.