How to Spot Fake Designer Bags

prada bag

Fashion conscious people are ready to pay a lot for designer handbags for a reason. The reason is perfect quality of designer bags. They are not only well designed, the craftsmanship is also of very high standards.

designer bags

And while it’s possible to copy the design, following all the small nuances of quality bag production would be too complex and expensive for those fraudsters manufacturing knock offs.

Therefore the general principles of counterfeit products are poor quality, cheaper work and disregard for details.

Let’s take a closer look at what a designer bag typically looks like.

Stitching. In Prada bags, for instance, we need to take a look at the plaque with the brand name. Is it firmly attached? Is the stitching done evenly all the way around? If no, you are probably looking at a knock off.

prada bag

Fakes imitating Hermes handbags are even easier to spot if you take a closer look at the way the stitching is done. The real Hermes are stitched by hand, and each stitch is at a slight angle to the previous. No machine can do that. Even other designer products manufacturers can’t imitate this. So if the stitches represent a straight line, we know that the piece is counterfeit.

hermes bag

Also, the threads are usually too thin. In a genuine piece, the threads have been waxed, and they appear thicker. That also makes them more durable. And sloppy stitches on any kind of a designer handbag are a sure sign it’s a phony piece.

Zippers, metal components, plaques etc. should fit precisely and be of good quality. Every piece of hardware in a genuine designer handbag usually bears the company logo or other kind of brand markings.

hermes bag

There are some other signs to watch out for. In Mark Jacobs bags, for instance, the metal nameplate should be directly attached to the handbag. If you can see a piece of leather underneath to make sure it holds up well, then it’s counterfeit.

hermes bag

In Hermes handbags the metal parts are a genuine precious metal. It’s easy to see, or, rather, feel, because the metal on a handbag would be heavier than expected. And surely, the use of precious metals means there can be no tarnish, so if you see some blemishes on the metal parts, then you are looking at a fake handbag.

Materials. Materials should be of good quality.

Hermes uses calf leather, which is soft to the touch and scratch-resistant. Phony versions will be made of coarser materials, and this is something you feel immediately when you touch the item.

Marc Jacobs bag

In Marc Jacobs handbags all the pockets on the outside have a suede lining.

In Balenciaga bags, zipper pulls are a good indication of a real thing. They should feel soft in you hand. Fake zipper pulls are often hard and stiff to the touch. Internal fabric should also look good and feel right.

Balenciaga bag

In short, when you are holding a genuine designer bag in your hands, you are holding a piece of art, and it shows. If it feels like a mass production item, then that’s what it is.

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Want to Lose Weight? Keep These 10 Foods in Your Fridge


Weight loss is a huge problem to solve for many people all over the world. They test themselves in different ways to reach the goal. Most of them are sure that they must just close their mouth and stop eating. Actually, it’s not the exactly right solution.

Why? Because you don’t need to stop eating, you have to do it correctly, which means to follow some useful rules and dietitian’s advice.

turkey breast

This time, we want to pay your attention to the list of foodstuffs, which must be in your fridge to help you in weight loss. In our inventory, we grouped them according to intended use in menu.

Meat. Most of you can be surprised at it, but choosing the right type of meat can be really useful to shed pounds. Also, it will help you to feel healthier while losing weight. It contains all the animal proteins which are necessary for your organism and no harmful fats for your body. There are two main meat meals you can safely use in your dishes:

  • lean beef: it encloses B vitamins, iron and zinc which are good for your muscles, nervous system and memory;
  • turkey breast: it contains enough proteins to stay full for a long time and no fats to influence your shapeliness.

Fish. It is a low-fat food, full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are exactly good for your heart and blood system and for having a normal ratio of cholesterol too. These are the best types of fish for a straight body:

  1. salmon
  • salmon: it is enriched with iodine as fish, in general, healthy fats and high amount of proteins;
  • tuna: the range of fat in it is really low, but the protein level is quite high.


  • brown rice: it is enclosed with many fibers and selenium, which is favorable for your immune system and it helps you to feel less hungry; 
  • quinoa: it has both high protein’s and fiber’s level in content.

brown rice
Vegetables. These are the must be ingredients in your menu because of containing a lot of vitamins and useful minerals and carbohydrates, which are so necessary for your health. There are some applicable of them for weight loss: 

  1. broccoli
  • broccoli: it was found to be an anticarcinogenic vegetable and it also has a good protein content;
  • tomatoes: there are a lot of antioxidants in these vegetables among other benefits.


  • grapefruit: it is full of vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and pectin; it also enclose a big amount of vitamin A and it is one of the best weight loss helpers;
  • watermelon: it has a high amount of potassium and vitamin C inside.


We also have some practical advice for you to have really good results and to do everything as it must be done.

What about cooking meal with those foodstuffs we were talking about, there are some main rules to follow: both meat and fish must be boiled, steamed or grilled but not fried with oil; vegetables are better to be fresh or grilled; salads have to be added with olive oil, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar; don’t use a lot of spices in all of your dishes – it can increase your food cravings.