Top 10 Ghost Towns


Imagine empty, ghost town with gloomy silhouettes of houses, black old windows that blow fear. Doesn’t it sound like a description of the plot of the horror film or fiction? No, these are mysterious ghost towns that exist in a real life.

Visiting these places you can easily feel that you are the last person on the planet, like the hero of the film “I am legend.”

What are these cities? Read and get ready to be shocked.

1. Gunkanjima, Japan

The city which emerged and disappeared almost at the same time.


At first … it was just a riff, but the accidental discovery of coal on it, in 1810, radically changed the fate of the island. The city was becoming bigger and bigger in 1810. In 20th century the city was considered to be the most populated in the world at that time- 835 persons per hectare.

Residents were saying that they have everything that is available in the world. The only missing thing in this tiny kingdom was the cemetery. And, ironically, soon the whole territory turned into a dead city – the cemetery.

With the advent of oil in 1974, the life at Gunkanjima completely stopped. Now the city is closed for visitors. However, you can see its desert landscapes in the movie “Battle Royale.”

2. Centralia, Pennsylvania

This is the clearest example how negligent attitude to work can ruin an entire city. Successful mining town literally became a living embodiment of hell. The earth is still burning and spewing smoke under Centralia.


It all began when the firefighters were trying to fight the fire at the landfill. It was located in an open mine, that’s why the fire penetrated into deep layers, spread to other coal mines, causing a massive underground combustion. Unsuccessful attempts to reverse this process led to the fact that the residents completely left the city. Centralia was the basis of the movie “Silent Hill.”

3. Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat is the city, which was destined to be associated with the nightmare of the whole world. The explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power station was a massive tragedy, which caused a huge damage to many countries, and plucked the health and lives of thousands of people.


The population of the prosperous city in 1980 was 48 000 people and it was increasing every year. On April 27, 1986 the fatal appeal of the government to the people has sounded.

It was reported to urgently leave the city in connection with the accident at the power station, caused by dangerous levels of radiation. So an instant city with a full life turned into a ghost forever.

4. Varosha, Cyprus

It was the world-famous resort, where celebrities like Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor used to spend their vacations. And the shine of this Cypriot pearl forever dimmed because of the military invasion of the Turkish army on July 20, 1974.


As a result, the island was split into two parts – the Turkish and the Greek one. And Famagusta area – square kilometers of Paradise – has turned into a dead buffer zone between them. Turkish military evicted people from this area, and fitted a barbed wire. The only inhabitants of the region are rodents and turtles. All the houses look like they were left by the frightened people. That’s what the political opposition can lead to.

8 Animals That Will Lead You To The Horror

Two meters Jellyfish

There are a lot of people who do not like different insects. They literally panic when they see a large spider! We want to show you some photos of the most gigantic animals on the Earth. This info is only for the fearless and daring ones.

Giant crocodile Brutus

Crocodiles tend to be big and scary, but Brutus is much worse than an average crocodile. Its length is over 5 meters. Crocodile is a local landmark of Adelaide River.

Giant crocodile Brutus

80-year-old reptile is known among local residents and members of river tours due to its huge size and the lack of front paw (assuming that he lost it in a fight with one of the sharks). Despite his advanced age, and almost two-ton weight, Brutus often joys tourists with its unexpected and high surfacing from the water. Now the company that organizes river tours on the river Adelaide says that many people want to look at this giant and photograph it.

Coconut crab

He is one of the largest arthropods in the world and its powerful claws can easily break up small bones. These lobsters are common in the tropics, on islands of Indian and western Pacific Oceans. The appearance of this land hermit is horrible – body reaches 40 cm in length and weigh of such individuals is about 4 kg. They are distinguished by extraordinary power.

Coconut crab

Their meat is a famous delicacy and is considered to be an aphrodisiac. To prevent their extinction, in some countries there are strict limits for the killing of the coconut crabs.

Where Is the Largest Building In the World Situated

The New Century Global Center

In Chinese province of Sichuan, which is located in southwestern region of China, the local residents as well as the numerous guests from other regions and abroad took part in the official part of opening of the largest building in the whole world.

This construction is considered to be freestanding, it means that it doesn’t have any mutual walls or basement with other premises.

The hard and sophisticated construction of the world’s greatest building took approximately three years.

It is even difficult to imagine that the area of the new complex is so huge! Unbelievable 400, 500 and 100 meters high (width, length and height) .The total area of the mega-building is reached 1.76 million square meters. This construction is officially called The New Century Global Center.

The New Century Global Center

Nowadays the building includes numerous offices, some shopping centers with a total area of 400 thousand square meters, a sitting area organized in the Mediterranean style, a terrific 14-screen IMAX cinema for film-lovers, and a great ice rink that in future will host international competitions in figure skating and a playing zone for small visitors, who are always active.